Blueberry facial for dogs: What is the benefit of facial for dogs?

As we use face-wash or facial scrub for refreshments or better appearances, same alike for a dog’s face we can use blueberry facial for the dog which is very much similar.

What exactly is a blueberry facial?

As the name itself mentions blueberry, thus it is way cool to be understood this is a special dog shampoo derived from blueberries. Dogs with tear stains can be at times feel uncomfortable for pet lovers. Thus this helps in decreasing the appearance of tear stains in our dogs while brightening their coats. For ensuring safety measures, these are a hypoallergenic, tearless, and most efficiently lick-safe option which would naturally exfoliate providing the possible results of cleaning and hydrating. 

Even for dogs, we must pay attention to the sufficient vitamins they require. Hence the usage of blueberry facial for dogs offers the benefits of antioxidants and vitamins such as A, D & E to itchy skin, irritated skin if any. As we human needs to go to parlous in order to have good grooming in our appearances, it is the same for dogs as well. This can be considered as treating your dog to a spa day while taking care of their tear stains or upgrading coat colour without visiting a groomer that would surely reduce a considerable amount from our pockets. At times, it can provide a calmer experience for our dogs if used and applied properly and efficiently.  

If you are thinking of the same to provide our dogs for their better health and appearances, the blueberry facial for dogs can be preferred to treat them with a special and relaxing spa experience. There are various products available for the same, else we can make it naturally at home itself.

What causes tear stains?

  • This is not common on all dogs. If your dogs get tear stains that won’t necessarily have the same skin types. A general term used is Epiphora which is the most common condition that leads to tearing stain. The reason behind causing this can be excessive tear production and the inability to drain tears properly.  We must have experiences yeast infections on the skin below the eyes due to the moisturizing tear buildup which affects the appearance of your pet’s face. 
Blueberry facial for dogs

Below are some of the common causes that lead to tear stains:

  • Glaucoma. Built-up fluid in the eye.
  • Eye infections. Happens due to viruses, bacteria, or even irritants.
  • Conjunctivitis. The lining of the eye becomes inflamed, leading to discharge.
  • Ingrown eyelashes. Certain breeds are more prone to this as it can be genetic.
  • Allergies. Typically, environmental, or related to food.
  • Shallow eye sockets. A trait seen in brachycephalic dogs, bulging eyes can prevent eyelids from closing properly.

For better results, try employing a rotating technique as the groomer carries ahead especially for essential scrub your pet’s face with a dog shampoo. An important thing to be considered here is, we should focus on the fur, not on the skin. Hence it does not need to be applied too deeply. Be more sensitive while applying near the eyes of your dog to avoid getting any of the blueberry facial material in the eyes. 

Below dog breeds are most prone to tear stains:

Most fair dogs are more prone to tear stains, as they can be easily visible at your pet’s face but most dogs can get them. Some of the breeds are very much easily prone which consists of:

  • Shih-Tzu
  • Pekingese
  • Maltese
  • Pugs, bulldogs, and other brachycephalic dogs
  • Poodle
  • Cocker spaniels can develop both ear infections and imperforate puncta, a condition in which proper tear drainage does not develop.

Follow the below steps while using blueberry facial:- It is pretty simple!

  1. It’s always good to give a bath a blueberry facial to avoid any extra mess. 
  2. Wet the area before applying, so that it would be slightly diluted. 
  3. Gently apply in a rotational manner at the face with careful actions near eyes and nose. 
  4. Give them a gentle massage after applying, as you need at the parlors. 
  5. Slowly rinse them with water and dry them off with the towel without panicking your dogs. 

If your dog feels uncomfortable during these steps or any of the sections, I would advise you to stop there itself since this is performed for relaxing your dogs and to have a good spa time. 

Popular products of blueberry facials:

There are various blueberry facial for dogs products available in the marketplace or online named or generally known as dog shampoos, conditioners, or general dog face washes. Important ingredients included in these products should be coconut oil and blueberries. For additional benefits or flavors, some of the product includes jojoba, aloe vera, and avocado. A good practice would be to check the ingredients before buying or using them for ensuring safety to your dog’s face and skin. 

We recommend some of the products after the experts advise are as below. 

  1. Lillian Ruff Berry Blue Brightening Face and Body Wash for Dogs and Cats: This is easily available over Amazon. This is very much useful if you have several dogs and can be used as a general product for most of the breeds providing a good and frequent spa section. 
  2. TropiClean: Many experts prefer this for removing tear stains including a coconut-based facial cleanser. 

How to make your own DIY Blueberry facial for dogs at home:

This can be considered as an alternative option if you need to have a trial or some fun spa sections with your pets. 

  • This will require ¼ cup of blueberries (or blueberry extract) and ⅛ a cup of coconut oil.
  • For additional flavors, you can use jojoba, aloe vera, and avocado if desired.
  • Drill them and mash the ingredients well together to form a smoothening paste so that we can apply gently as a face mark or use it as a body shampoo on us. 
  • This won’t take much time and will be surely useful if done properly 
  • Thank us later after having a good session with your pets. 


As pet lovers, we are got used to taking care of pets especially when it comes to appearances. At times people look this as a competition to show their competitors how well they take care of their pets. To be more precise, we look after our pet’s health, appearances, and comforts better than ourselves. If this is the case going to be then there is no harm in trying blueberry facials for our dogs. As mentioned there are various products available over the markets and we can choose the best product based on our needs and financial stability. People might advise you to get multiple products and can misguide you as well as a digital fraud, hence we advise you to ask any experts, or go ahead with a good analysis before doing so. 

If we need to have a trial without purchasing any products over the marketplace, we have suggested homemade facials that can be cost-efficient and user-friendly. Since we know the process and procedure, it would be great to try it on our own rather than buying any products over market place with fake promises.

Be careful while trying on your own without any proper experts or groomers, since they can be uncomfortable for some breeds. If this is so, then please stop them there themselves since these actions are performed for better comforts and relaxing sessions for your dogs. Do let us know about your experiences, and we would be happy to help you if you need any kind of assistance. 

Stay Safe! Be Happy!

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