Halo Collar 3 Review 2024- [Features and Updates]

A GPS collar is a great tool for dog owners to give their dogs exercise and fresh air while staying safe on the property. If you want to fence your property so your dog can run safely, a GPS collar like the Halo collar is often a more affordable and adjustable way to do it than ground fences. When browsing GPS dog fences, keep the following points in mind.

How Accurate Is the Halo Collar’s GPS?

The Halo system uses modern global GPS and GNSS technology aligned with autonomous vehicle and drone navigation systems. The self-powered system maintains accuracy at a distance of a few meters, and with regular use, accuracy improves over time!

You can check the status of the GPS signal with both the app and the collar. Tap your dog and pet’s card in the app to see their status and more information.

This determination is based on the strength of GPS signals received, regardless of whether your dog is outdoors or indoors.

How Does The Halo Dog Collar Work?

Halo Collar GPS System

The Halo GPS collar communicates with your dog using timed proactive feedback to ensure the dog stays in the correct area. Customizable feedback estimates how close your dog is to the boundary of the wireless kennel and prompts him to return to the appropriate location if he gets too close. Reaction ends when they return to the designated safe area. The collar keeps your dog in a confined area using sound, not electric shocks or pain. When your dog leaves Hall’s invisible fence, the collar will sound like a dog whistle, which should direct him back to the designated area. Natural control is very effective, especially for dogs that already respond to sounds and whistles.

Customizable feedback settings mean you can adjust the sound, vibration, and static tension of the proactive feedback to suit your dog’s level of sound sensitivity.
You can also change the color of the Halo LED light, which signals a change in the status of the collar and enables night vision.

Collar Design

The Halo collar is designed to fit dogs of different sizes and breeds! The custom leash with a non-slip grip is easy to adjust to fit your dog’s neck snugly but comfortably. All the technology inside the paint is covered with a soft, soft cushion layer that will not irritate your dog.

Your dog will lie comfortably or even sleep in the house with the Halo collar. The collar is mostly also waterproof, as it can withstand immersion for a long time up to three meters deep. So if your dog loves to swim or you have a kiddie pool where he splashes around, the Halo Collar GPS will still work great.

Activity Tracking

One of the most comprehensive features of the Halo app is its activity and progress tracking features. You can see information about how much your dog is resting compared to running and walking. You can also track how well they respond to feedback over time, making it easy to measure their training progress. This feature is great for people who want to help their dogs lose weight or keep them calm and rested.

Activity tracking data can also help you at the vet’s office. If your vet has questions about your dog’s activity level and behavior, the app’s information is very helpful. You and your vet can review activity tracking data to gain insight into your dog’s behavior and identify potential problems, such as weight gain or sore limbs.

Guided Training

You can access training videos and resources in the Halo app. These training resources go beyond what you can find with a simple Google search and offer real advice and guidance for specific training scenarios. In the app, The training program comes from the one and only dog ​​whisperer, Cesar Milan. A world-renowned dog behaviorist developed Halo’s holistic approach to training, focusing on boundary commands and obedience. Video-based classes featuring Cesar Milan and top dog trainer Heather Mickelson.

Real-Time Notifications

If your dog leaves the fenced area, you will receive instant alarm alerts so you can catch your dog before he gets too far.
The big problem with other dog fences and collars is that they don’t warn against fence breaks or other system breaches. If your dog gets out of the yard and you don’t notice him until 20 minutes later, he could be miles away.
The Halo collar, on the other hand, makes sure you always know what’s going on with the garden and your dog. In addition, the collar has an impeccable GPS tracking service if they escape, so you can track their location and find them safely. Unfortunately, many GPS collars have inconsistent tracking and unreliable locations. The Halo collar uses high-quality GPS tracking so you know exactly where your pup is to within a foot.

Easy Invisible Fences

Most Halo Collar options require you to fence in the ground or place equipment in the ground to create a fence perimeter. However, you don’t need to do anything with the halo collar. Fences are completely invisible and work based on the GPS coordinates you specify. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the outdoor equipment not working or breaking.

The Halo Collar app is all you need to set boundaries and protect your dog. As mentioned, invisible fences are not harmful to your dog, so they won’t be shocked if they get too close. These invisible fences are significantly easier to set up than ground fences. Some other dog collars work with invisible fences, but they are not nearly as effective as the Halo collar. In addition, the Halo collar allows you to place up to 20 invisible fences, while other collars only allow you to place about five.

The Subscription Plans

To use the Halo collar, you must sign up for a Halo subscription plan, which gives you access to the app, basic training, feedback management, and fence management.

There are three Halo subscription options: Basic, Silver, and Gold. The sections below explain the different sorting options below.

Basic: The Basic plan is the default option and costs less than $5 per month. With the basic plan, you get a default exercise program, collar cell phone service, 20 invisible fences, and real-time GPS tracking, and activity.

Silver: The Silver plan is $10/month and gives you some extra features. It offers everything the basic plan has, but also offers custom house scales, better activity tracking, and instant feedback so you can interact with your dog in real time.

Gold: The last and most expensive option is the gold plan. This option gives you more features but costs $30 per month. All premium training classes and live sessions are available to Gold plan users, where you can learn how to behave and train with Halo experts. Enjoy personalized training that includes helpful answers to common training questions. The Gold Plan is ideal for dog owners who need extra help training their dogs.

Final Thoughts: Halo Collar Review

First, Halo is a product that people buy in the name of the infamous dog whistler, Cesar Millan. Halo has been a great help to many pet parents in keeping their dog in the safety zone.

In addition to tracking if the dog somehow goes missing. Basically, this collar worked wonders for some people and failed to amuse some people.

To wrap up our thoughts on purchasing the Halo collar, it’s an incredible piece of modern technology. The Hall Fence is perfect for dog owners who don’t need a fence but still want to keep an eye on their dogs. Halo collars give your dog the independence he needs while maintaining his training schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are halo collars waterproof?

The Halo Collar is designed to be water-resistant but not fully waterproof. This means it can withstand exposure to light rain, splashes, or brief encounters with water, but it is not recommended for full submersion or prolonged exposure to water.

Does halo collar require a subscription?

To activate and maintain GPS services for the Halo Collar, a monthly subscription is mandatory. The subscription is essential for unlocking the collar’s comprehensive range of features and services. So, how much does a Halo collar subscription cost? The subscription begins at $6 per month according to the official Halo collar’s website.

To initiate a Halo Collar subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Visit halocollar.com
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Choose the preferred subscription plan
  4. Check the appropriate boxes to agree to the terms and conditions.

Is the Halo3 collar more effective than other smart dog collars?

Halo 3 collars are completely reliable as they prevent your dog from leaving a safe area and it acts as an invisible fence.

What is the best Alternative for a Halo 3 collar?

I think the Fi smart dog collars are the best alternative to the Halo collar so far.

At what age should you get your dog a halo collar?

It is recommended that the dog is not allowed to wear a halo before the age of five months.

Do Halo collars require a monthly subscription?

To get started with Halo collars, you need an active monthly subscription to use these amazing features.

Are Halo collars adjustable for all dogs?

Absolutely yes! Halo collars can be adjusted to fit your dog’s neck

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