Mumbai’s Top Dog-Friendly Banquet Halls

For those who consider their furry companions as integral family members, finding the perfect venue to celebrate special occasions can be a challenge. Fear not! In this blog post, we will explore the top dog-friendly banquet halls in Mumbai, where you can host events and celebrations without leaving your beloved pets behind.

  1. The Grand Paws:
    Located in the heart of South Mumbai, The Grand Paws stands out as a premium dog-friendly banquet hall. With elegant interiors and spacious surroundings, this venue offers the perfect setting for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Their pet-friendly policy ensures that your four-legged friends can join the festivities, making it a memorable experience for both humans and canines alike.
  2. Bark ‘n’ Celebrate:
    Situated in the western suburbs of Mumbai, Bark ‘n’ Celebrate is a unique banquet hall designed with pet-friendly amenities. From a dedicated play area for dogs to customized pet-friendly menus, this venue takes extra care to cater to the needs of your furry companions. The spacious banquet halls provide a comfortable setting for various events, creating a celebration where everyone is included.
  3. Pooch Paradise:
    Nestled in the eastern suburbs, Pooch Paradise is a hidden gem among dog-friendly banquet halls in Mumbai. The lush green surroundings and pet-friendly staff make it an ideal choice for intimate gatherings. Pooch Paradise offers a range of services, including pet-friendly catering and designated areas for your dogs to roam freely. It’s the perfect venue for those looking for a tranquil and pet-friendly celebration.
  4. Canine Carnival Hub: For those who want to add a touch of playfulness to their events, Canine Carnival Hub is the place to be. Located in the northern part of the city, this banquet hall is not just dog-friendly but also hosts special events and activities for your pets. From agility courses to themed pet parties, Canine Carnival Hub ensures that your celebrations are not only for you but also for your furry friends.
  5. Woofington Meadows:
    Heading to the outskirts of Mumbai, Woofington Meadows offers a serene and spacious setting for your events. With expansive lawns and pet-friendly facilities, this venue allows your dogs to enjoy the open spaces while you celebrate your special moments. The picturesque surroundings and thoughtful pet-friendly amenities make Woofington Meadows a popular choice for pet-loving event planners.
  6. Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai: Located in the heart of the city, the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai is known for its luxurious and pet-friendly atmosphere. With spacious banquet halls and a courteous staff, this venue provides a sophisticated setting for your celebrations. They understand the importance of including your dog in your special day, ensuring a memorable experience for all.
  7. The Leela Mumbai: The Leela Mumbai stands out for its grandeur and exceptional service. This upscale hotel welcomes pets, making it an excellent choice for those looking to host an elegant event with their four-legged friends. The banquet halls at The Leela Mumbai offer a perfect blend of opulence and pet-friendliness, ensuring a delightful celebration.
  8. Sofitel Mumbai BKC: Situated in the Bandra Kurla Complex, Sofitel Mumbai BKC is another pet-friendly option for hosting events. Their banquet facilities are designed to accommodate both human and canine guests comfortably. The venue’s commitment to providing a welcoming environment for pets makes it a popular choice for pet lovers in Mumbai.
  9. ITC Maratha, Mumbai: Known for its architectural splendor and top-notch services, ITC Maratha in Andheri East is a pet-friendly banquet hall that caters to your event needs. The venue boasts well-appointed banquet spaces where you and your dog can celebrate joyous occasions with your loved ones.
  10. Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach: For those who prefer a beachside celebration, Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach is an excellent choice. With stunning views of the Arabian Sea, this pet-friendly venue offers versatile banquet halls for various events. Your dog can join in the festivities while you enjoy the scenic backdrop of Juhu Beach. You can check out by typing “Banquet halls Near me” to find out the best banquet halls near you.


In a city where pets are considered family, these dog-friendly banquet halls in Mumbai ensure that your celebrations are not just joyous for you but also for your furry companions. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday bash, or a corporate event, these venues go the extra mile to accommodate your pets, making the experience truly unforgettable for everyone involved. So, go ahead, celebrate with your dogs by your side, and create memories that will be cherished by both humans and canines alike.

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