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Comparison: Blue Buffalo vs Blue Wilderness in 2023

Both Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness are high-quality dog food brands that offer a wide range of dry dog food options. While both brands are owned by the same parent company, there are some differences between their products.

Blue Buffalo is a brand that offers a variety of dog food options, including dry, wet, and semi-moist foods. They use high-quality ingredients and offer a range of recipes to meet different dietary needs. Their dry dog food options typically include a mix of protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Blue Wilderness, on the other hand, is a brand that focuses on high-protein, grain-free dog food options. Their dry dog food recipes feature a high percentage of protein from real meat sources like chicken, fish, and turkey, and often include ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, and fruits. In terms of which brand is better, it really depends on your dog’s individual needs and dietary preferences.

If your dog does well on a diet that includes grains and a variety of ingredients, then Blue Buffalo may be a good option. However, if your dog has sensitivities to grains or requires a higher protein diet, then Blue Wilderness may be a better choice. Continue to read to know which one is best…

Blue Buffalo: Concerning the Firm

The Foundation of every company begins with a sweet story, but Blue Buffalo Company Limited is quite the opposite. The brand was founded with the efforts of the Bishop family, as they were trying to recover their ailing Airedale. 

Their pet was recognized as Blue. It was suffering from an unplanned medical emergency related to cancer. This was a bit hard for them. Even simple things the other dogs used to stay active were seamlessly hard for Blue and felt a burden to him. Bill Bishop and his family couldn’t digest seeing their pet suffer from health issues which ultimately led them to interest in the pet’s health issues and their management. 

They began with very basic research i.e. dog food on the market. Since the answers could be found on the consumption of good and healthy diets. As per our research, they found something which ultimately led to the foundation of this pet food company.

They started making their own food for dogs and cats which made them unique and different from the other providers. They always thought of the pet’s better health than the profit of the company keeping the Blue in their mind. They always had a good motive for the well-being of our pets. This made them to manufacture with the finest and healthy ingredients. 

They introduced various food specialists and vets to their team to ensure their food formulas are maintained as per the better medical standard. Each move of them ensured that the pets can consume their products without any harm and should build their required nutrients efficiently. 

The company was successfully led by their family for 16 years. For better reach and growth, the company decided to join hands and expand its operations. The ownership was transferred to the General mills in 2018, which will help them to get more customers. 

The connection between Blue Buffalo and Blue Wild.

Blue Buffalo as a reputed brand keeps a motive of supporting every dog breed from any life stage. They have a wide list of recipes. Roughly the recipes are categorized into seven categories. These categories include Blue Basics, Blue Freedom, Blue Life Protection Formula, Blue Carnivora, Blue Natural Veterinary Diet, Blue Wilderness, and Blue True Solutions.

Blue wilderness is none other than the sub-brand of Blue Buffalo Company. Comparatively, the dog food rules amongst the brands to have a sustainable and higher amount of protein content, additionally it’s gain-free. For better protein content, they tried to imitate what the wolves consume in the natural wild i.e the main product included in the manufacturing is meat. 

Comparing the Normal Blue Buffalo to Blue Wilderness Dog Food

Ingredient Quality

As mentioned earlier, the Blue Wilderness is a product non-other than a sub-brand of the Blue Buffalo. Compared to the protein-rich foods under Blue Buffalo, Blue Wilderness is recognized to be a well-inspired protein-rich food. The protein levels are high for better muscle growth for large breed dogs.

Real meat is considered to be the main ingredient at the time of manufacturing for a better source of proteins. Meats considered here are easily digestible with protein-rich meats such as Bison, venison, Tuna, quail, salmon, chicken, turkey, amongst others. 

For avoiding any harm to the pets at food consumption, the company has ignored and avoided all the synthetic chemicals while manufacturing. This is maintained with all the other products under Blue Buffalo recipes along with Blue Wilderness. 

To increase the consumption and taste of the food, the company uses Rosemary, Parsley, and other natural flavors. Citric acid or Mixed Tocopherols are also used to maintain freshness. 

Blue Buffalo’s brands are meant for their well-used raw materials by ignoring all the synthetic chemicals. They have good Lifesource Bits that comprise antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Since food specialists, vets, and animal nutritionists are included at the time of manufacturing, this blends the product to build a good and healthy immune system for our pet. This helps and enables our dog’s metabolism to fight against disease-causing bacteria. unplanned medical emergencies and to maintain their overall health. 

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Is Blue Wilderness a great dog food?

 Typically, Blue Desert is a fantastic diet for your dog. It has high levels of proteins, which can be really useful for a growing dog as well as additionally for one attempting to construct some muscular tissues. Likewise, the diet is available in a number of various tastes. Hence, offering you an alternative to pick that your dog likes most.

 Is Blue Buffalo far better than Purina? Irrespective of the fact that they are one of the most rivals, Purina is far better than Blue Buffalo in several methods. For one, Purina dog food lines have greater healthy protein content than the Blue Buffalo dishes [except Backwoods classification] Likewise, the previous is rather economical, with its products costing about half the price of their equivalents. 

Why is Blue Buffalo so pricey? 

The high list price of the Blue Buffalo products can be due to a number of aspects. For one, the brand name consists of meat in every of their dog food formula. And also as you understand, meat is usually expensive. Second Of All, Blue Buffalo doesn’t do all the production by themselves. They contract out a few of the industrial procedures to various other food businesses, and that can bring about a high expense of production. Consequently, forcing them to enhance the retail prices of their items. 


 For a family pet owner who is intending to boost or keep the health and wellness of his dog, choosing the best brand of food is extremely essential. It indicates a whole lot to your dog’s health as well as his living days. Although we have actually seen they’re not always best, the Blue Buffalo is an amazing brand name to adhere to.

 When it comes to the mission, they are entirely committed to promoting a healthy and balanced way of living for your dog. Which is something we can see on the nature of the ingredients that they utilise. 

Of course, there’s a small difference in between the normal Blue Buffalo vs Blue Backwoods diet regimens. However, in all, the pet food supplier relies upon resources like chicken, turkey, salmon, bison, and also even rosemary. All these are products we, people, use on our lunch as well as supper dishes every day. 

So, it’s tough for your dog to establish difficulties from taking in some kibble with them. Nevertheless, Blue dog food dishes often tend to cost more than some of the various other family pet food companies. 

But considering you can manage scraps from KFC or McDonald’s every day, why find it hard to get your dog’s nutrition?

NOTE: This is purely made on the information that is available on the Internet. So, we are not responsible for any damage.

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